Thursday, February 05, 2009

Happiness Is......... a Pillowcase?????

A pillowcase you say? YES! Doesn't Grete look so happy!? She is a c 1838, probably Voit, antique German mache doll. I am seriously having the most fun sewing for her! I want her clothing to be period correct, but for dolly of this size, period fabrics just are not available in the quantity needed for her size, so I 'improvise'. I have spent the past few days hand stitching her un~mentionables....pictured here she is standing in the gallery in her newly made chemise. There is no better way to replicate the look and feel of olde clothing, especially whites, than using the real thing......I did, but not in yardage or from picking apart an actual piece of antique clothing....which, may I add, is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE to do, and forbidden in my set of rules...I wont get into my thoughts on that right now....anyways~ there IS an abundance of early bed things~ linens, cottons, woolens, any era you want, you can easily find, and in all conditions...even down to ratty tatty........which is where this pillowcase comes in~ yup~ I used an early pillowcase. With proper hand stitching, it looks and feels fabulous. This case had several holes on one side, and the end where it was most likely trimmed with something, had been torn off....I see no fault what so ever in recycling olde worn out bits and bobs
I did take pictures, if anyone is interested in seeing how to make a c1840 chemise, just let me know and if there is enough interest, I can post it on the blog. A wonderful thing about early sewing construction, is there isn't alot to it~ most things can be made from rectangles of cloth, as textiles were very precious in teh early days, and never a bit was wasted.

I am stitching Grete's stays now, an amalgamation of 1820-30 period corsets that I like different elements from...all rolled into one fun bit to stitch! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Barbara said...

So this is what you had in mind when you bought all those boxes of OLD linens when you lived back east! Who ever would have thunk it! Ha! Ha! Can't wait to see what she's going to end up wearing!!
LY, Mom

Christine LeFever said...

Dearest Rachael,

Your sewing skills are the tops and I long to make a chemise like it. I too do not care to cut up perfectly good vintage clothing.

Absolutely beautiful!

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!

Lone Pierette said...

Rachael -I´m very interested in the making of the wonderful chemise !!!!
Love to visit here !!
hugs, Lone

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

It looks perfect on her! Ooooh yes, I'm interested in how to make a chemise!
Have a great weekend darlin'! :> )

SweetAnnee said...

Count me in..I'd love to learn..
She is so cool..

Julie said...

Hi Rachael, She is looking absolutely beautiful. I just love what you are doing for this wonderful old doll. Thank you for share her progress with us and I can't wait to see more. Julie

Dixie Redmond said...

Yes, please on showing the construction of the garment. She looks wonderful.


clothnclay said...

She is just beautiful, Rachael! I will be watching to see her costume evolve!I know I will be perfect! Becky