Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Nice Fit
Need I even say that I really do love making dollys? There is nothing I like, or can appreciate more than a well fit! Ladye Jane quietly said that she would 'prefer a new set of stays to match my pet en l'air, as Suzy Bellingham is having one made up in Rochester, and it would just be very nice to have the latest' could I say no? I patterned the hand stitching on the front from a beautiful mid 18th c corset. I was going to cover the seams with a teensy lace trim, but I like the stitching to show, so I left it plain.
Robings all done, Ladye Jane is ready to receive her afternoon guests~


Nina Mason said...

Oh soooooooo exquisite, my friend. Once again, you take my breath away!


Lana said...

Just beautiful Rach!

Oh and I remembered what I was going to say in an earlier post... I'm sorry for the finger pokes, but I know exactly how you feel! My fingers are permanenty scarred with needle stabs, and it really hurts when the dull end of the needle pops through the skin... ouch!!!