Monday, October 13, 2008

In Mourning

For today, October 16, 1793, Queen Marie Antoinette would be taken to the scaffold and executed. Born November 2nd, 1755, she was just 37. A devoted Mother, sister, friend & wife, she would finally be set free from her earthly torture.

Marie Antoinette holds a special place in my heart- I have great admiration for her. So wrongly accused and from the start of her rein as Queen of France, she was surrounded by those who wished to see her fall.

On August 10th, 1792, an angry mob stormed the Tuileries and massacred the Swiss Guard that was protecting the Royal family. It has been clearly reported that the women found their
way straight to Marie Antoinette's bedroom & wardrobes, and what clothing they did not rip to shreds, was taken home for personal use or resale. I believe it was on this night, this precious
relic started on its long journey to venture thru the centuries, carefully preserving fond remembrance of its owner...

It is also very well known that as Queen, MA would wear
something once and then give it to charity....she would also give
accessories away- like fans and purses, at the spur of the moment
while attending events. I doubt she would have given away such
an intimate little trifle as this tho, especially since it was
embroidered in silver with her initials.

This precious little reticule (purse) was once carried by Marie
Antoinette. Hand stitched of fine silk, it is embroidered with a
quaint floral motif with the Queen's famous monogram in silver,
with silver spangles that have now tarnished to black. The fine
lace edging is also silver.

*please note that this rare & priceless piece is not stored on the
Museum premises. 24 hour notice is required in advance of


Christine LeFever said...

How sad, Marie Antoinette. She was so very lovely.

You own that reticule? I am intoxicated. Thank you for sharing!

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!

Rachael Kinnison said...

Hi Christine~
Thankyou for visiting the blog~ Yes, I do own this wonderful piece of history. I am not really into the supernatural, and do not normally 'see' auras and such, but honestly, it really does take my breath away each and every time I bring this out for showing. It is very hard to describe, everyone who lays eyes on it gets very emotional, including me! If there ever was a victim of false propoganda attacks, it was Marie Antoinette.

CARole said...

Hi Rachel. This is gorgeous!!!!!! you have peaked my interest in MA and when I have some time i plan on reading up on her. How did you ever come to own such a lovely piece of history. Please email me.

Heather said...

Wow. That is so amazing that you actually own something once owned by Marie Antoinette! How special! My heart goes out to her as well. I dont know how anyone in their right mind would put a couple of teens in charge of an entire country and not expect for things to be rough. She went through so much with dignity and I hope history is beginning to be kinder to her.