Thursday, May 22, 2008

Update on Tressa.........
Day 7 in hospital, and to make along story short, they have no idea what is up with our girl, which is very frustrating to say the least. The infected areas the surgeon cut out last Friday aren't exactly getting any 'worse', but not any better either. 3 new areas of infection have sprouted up around the old one, and Dr says the tissue, which is getting black and dying, acts like there is a foreign body beneath they need to be taken out in another surgery, but right now, he is most befuddled that she has yet even start to heal from the last surgery. She is on the Vancomycin and Clendomycin still, and Primaxin for the aconita bacter .......everything is so confusing. We have had some good news tho, I guess...because the wound is not starting to heal, she has been tested for several cancers, vascular diseases, lupus, and diabetes, ALL of which have come back negative~ so she DOESN'T have any of those! Today pathology sent samples out to be tested for some strange fungus, and also tuberculosis. Dr says it will most likely be at least another 2 weeks in hospital. She is being a very good patient, only getting up to go the the bathroom and take her shower. I got her a new movie, National Treasure 2, that she has been so excited to see, so am taking that and the dvd player out of the truck and all the children, so we can all sit around a little 12" screen tomorrow and try and watch it together! AND!!!! I am SO proud of her, one of her friends from school visited and showed her how to crochet.....and she actually remembered how to do it! WOO HOO! This girl NEVER sits and works on anything for more than about 30 seconds, so to sit and watch her zooming along crocheting for hours at a time, it incredible! THANKYOU all so much for your well wishes!!

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Lorraine said...

Rachael, I will keep Tressa in my thoughts and prayers...wishing her a speedy recovery!!
Hang in there!