Friday, April 11, 2008

La Petit Pearl..........

Pearls. Pearls are my favorite of all 'gemstones'. Don't know if its because they are made by a little creature, instead of intense heat and crushing tons of earth like other ones are......but I love them! I very rarely make jewelry that does not have a pearl in it somewhere. They're tiny...wee little things. I like tiny, wee little things.
Pearl is dressed in tissue silk~ SUCH a gorgeous shade of yellow! I suppose I should give it a name....any ideas? A few summers ago, I was up at mom's in Washington, and needed some green silk. She dyed me up some, but the shade wasn't exactly what I we tried again with a different batch of silk. Into the GREEN it went, and out we pulled this awsome YELLOW! The dyers 'Art' is certainly just that! We tried again for this same color, as its so pure and vivid~ but couldn't get it again.

Pearl wears 2 strings of wee seed beads around her neck in an emerald green~ Id say they're at least a size 40...meaning you can get at least 40 of them in a single inch. Her earrings are micro faceted green tourmaline...they twinkle so pretty when she moves.

She wears red latchet tie shoes with heels........meaning she must be a lady of some means, or society

And see how weeeee teensie she is! Made just like one of my larger dollys, but wee. She has a mohair pompadour...her own separate little hat, complete with matching coque of antique green feathers. She has inset blue glass eyes.......and a beauty mark

Her body is less than an inch wide at her shoulders....and shes just 6 inches tall, not counting her hat!

Here she is with Penelope. I have thought before, out of the corner of my eye, that I saw a whisp of a fine silke dress go hiding behind a book, or the skirts of one of the mannequins...perhaps she has brought a sister to the Inn?

I have made her her own little room box....she is happy with it, but has mentioned it is lacking any furniture for her lounging.....she does get tired standing all the time!
I had to laugh while talking with my Mother today..... She said 'What????? NIPS? Are those her NIPS poking out in front of her dress there?????' ............and YES! They ARE! I forget not everyone is so engrossed in history as I....and many don't know that in fact, it was the style and fashion, to wear the gowns just below the nipples~ in the 17th & early 18th centuries. The chest was always exposed. Women then did not wear underwear either. Later Victorian's were quite fanatical about any part of the body being seen. Not only did they require all of the body be covered at all times from head to toe on the person, they required it of art as well, and repainted many of the early portraits to cover the nips.
And we all thought Madonna was 'racy' LOL


Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

OH MY GOODNESS -- you are not only the Queen of Teeny Tiny, you are the Empress of Teensy Weensy! I love her -- especially those feathers :). . . . You are amazing, Rachael.


Bluejean Primitives said...

Olde Rose Yellow!

Ok Rach... You've completely impressed me this time. I'm in love with her! Even with her nips showing LOL

Please make more!!!!!

Barbara said...

I guess I'm rather "Victorian" in my thinking....cover her little "booblets" up!! She's absolutely the sweetest doll you've made so far! I expect to see some of her "friends" soon. Does she have a "gentleman" friend??
LY, Mom

Doreen said...

Wow Rachael, she is have me in awe with your work all the time.

I must say..i did notice those little boobs peeking out over the top of her dress.


Christine LeFever said...

She is a darling little person. This little lady was a high society effete, yes? Under pants did not come along until after the Civil War here. I don't know what they had elsewhere, but I'll bet you do! And pantaloons were only on men while women wore pantalets. Petticoats galore were for privacy.


Heather said...

wow, she's so beautiful and elegant!~