Saturday, March 29, 2008

le Compte du Barre, c1774

I don't normally add photographs of the commissioned dollys I make special order, but le Compte is a very special 18th century gentleman, and I am always asked "Why don't we see more men dolls?" Truth is, I have never made an 18th century Man before. The earliest men dolls I have made have been in the 1820s. Le Compte was commissioned to accompany his wife, of whom I made last year. She was so very lonely~ but now he has joined her in the beautiful Carmel Valley of California, and all is well in their little dolly world!
Le Compte's ( the French equivalent of a Count) wardrobe was entirely hand stitched and is an exact reproduction of a suit c1774. I worked from original Tailor's plates, and am very happy with the results. He is 22" tall, hand sculpted from mache, with inset antique brown glass eyes. His slightly greying hair is of Angora mohair, and is drawn back in a 'que' & tied with black silk ribbon. (The Que was worn contained in a silk bag for formal occasions). He wears removable shoes with square brass buckles and stacked leather heels, knit stockings, silk breeches with brass knee buckles, shirt, kerchief, waistcoat, coat & tricorn hat, complete with its own hatbox.

Even men must have their own jewelry, so he wears an 18k gold tie pin to hold his must be 'just so' , you know.

There are 17 wee little buttons on his coat that I hand covered in silk...the little buttons on his waistcoat are swarovski crystal. His waistcoat, coat collar, cuffs and pockets are all bound in gold silk

I really do love making dollys

Who ever said that men's clothes are boring, has never tried to sew a suite such as this! He was by far one of my most challenging dolls ~ and one of the most rewarding to make as well!


anniebeez said...

He is truly wonderful, thank you for sharing!

lovetheprimlook said...

Your work is stunning !!!!


Christine LeFever said...

Rachael, you have outdone yourself. He is incredible and fabulous and wonderful and I am so happy to have seen him.


Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

Oh Great Queen of Teeny Tiny, you have done it again! What a dandy Le Compte is! I LOVE those covered buttons -- and the buckled shoes always get me!

Thanks for visiting our blog. I am am sorely missing you on TEA -- I wish you would come back, even if it is to just pop in once in awhile. I need to know how Pippin is doing . . . I here you have a mess of baby chicks!


Barbara said...

TOO COOL!! Love him! Also, am soooooooooooooooooo glad to hear your music back!! I missed it when you took it off!
LY, Mom

SweetAnnee said...

OMG what a RegAl man he is!!

fondly, Deena

T.F.C. Folk Art said...

He is wonderful, Rachael!! Your work always amazes me!! So glad you shared him with us!!


Lana said...

oooh Rachael! He's so dashing!

Please continue to share your commisions. I love seeing ALL your work!

Miss you at TEA too!

Lorraine said...

Hi Rachael!! Your guy is awesome!! I love your dolls, they are just so beautiful!!
Miss ya!!

Suzanne said...

Wow! He is gorgeous....can I say that about a man doll?! Beautifully done Rachael! Thanks for sharing.

Atticbabys said...

What an exquisite doll Rachel!!!!!
I'm in love with him... too bad he is spoken for. My heart is broken.