Saturday, January 19, 2008

The beginning of the year means fundraising time for the Museum! Running a privately owned Museum is expensive~ I couldn't do it without much help & support! I have added a "DONATE" button on the sidebar to make it easy for you~ so if you enjoy visiting the BLOG & would like to help preserve pieces of our past for future generations to enjoy & study, I hope you will take a minute to show your support! You can also help us by making a purchase at the 'Mantua~Maker's Mercantile', Diamond K Folk Art on the TDIPT Mercantile, or by bidding on an eBay auction!
This years 5,000.00 fundraiser will directly support the following:
*New point & track lighting for the gallery
*UV light filters for new lighting
*4x20' overhang porch over Gallery Entryway
*10 child mannequins
*5 adult mannequins
*archival materials including acid free buffered tissue for storage
*acquisitions fund renewal a THANKYOU to my patrons, Once our goal is reached, I will be holding a drawing for a FREE MACHE DOLLY!!! Want to enter??? Its EASY~ here are the particulars:
**Each Diamond K Folk Art purchase, or special order will earn ONE entry to the drawing.
** EACH 10.00 DONATION will earn ONE entry to the drawing.
** There is NO limit to the number of times a person can enter!
The winner for the Grande prize drawing will get to choose an existing dolly for their prize, or, request a custom dolly!
All purchases made from Jan. 1st 2008 are eligible, and HAVE been entered allready!
Don't be shy~ every little bit helps!!!

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Doreen said...

This is a lovely idea for a "reward" for helping this great museum..... I will add my donation just as soon as I possibly can.

Take care