Friday, June 22, 2007


I am a virgo, so it only makes sense that I am a details kind of person. I find such pleasure in looking closely, at something most are in too much of a rush rush rush to take the time to appreciate~ like the crisp sharp edges of my peony petals...not to mention the smell~ my most favorite flower on the planet (Ohhh you cant even imagine how I baby my peony to get it to bloom)

Old books~ Ohhh I adore old books~ how the pages feel, and smell. If there was an 'olde book' incense, I would buy it~ you should see how my husband looks at me when he finds me 'smelling' my books....this one is a Lady's Monthly Museum for the year 1800.
One of my favorite little girl's bonnets, c1845-50, made entirely from horsehair~ its so gossamer fine you can see right thru to my hand.... look at the details of each little crimped strand, all carefully sewn by hand in place.....
Combined with a fine leghorn straw on the outer simple, yet so complex. Little straw flowers, fine netting of super~fine blonde horsehair.. A jet bead every now and again, for a nice contrast......only to be seen if you get your nose RIGHT in there and look
There is something mesmerizing about how it spirals to the center in the back.....reminds me of a child's lollipop~ but this one worn before lollipops were even invented
Details. Stop and look at something ordinary....and you will find that nothing is ordinary


Dixie Redmond said...

That bonnet is enchanting!


Suzanne said...

Lol! I'm with you on the old book fragrance...I'd buy some too! I love how they smell.
Your peonies are beautiful, such a soft color and so delicate looking.

SweetAnnee said...

YOur blog is a delight to visit MZ Rachael!!
the peonies are lovely
and I love old books too!!
fondly, Deena

Lorraine said...

Wow, that bonnet is to die for!! Beautiful!! Your blogs are great:o)!

Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

How I love peonies, Rachael! Thanks for sharing yours. And that bonnet! It's exquisite, just like your dollies are.


Sylvia Anderson said...

Absolutly beautiful Rachael! The details are truely amazing aren't they! Thank you for sharing your treasures with us. :)